5 Common Wildlife Intruders in Brampton and How to Safely Remove Them.

5 Common Brampton Wildlife Intruders
5 Common Brampton Wildlife Intruders

Your Guide To Identifying And Safely Managing Common Wildlife Pests

Hey there, Brampton residents! Are you dealing with some uninvited wildlife guests lately? You’re not alone. In our bustling city, it’s common to encounter various wildlife intruders. Please don’t worry, Wildlife Removal Brampton is here to help you figure out and safely remove these critters from your property.

Understanding Wildlife

First things first, let’s remember that these animals aren’t intruding on purpose. They’re just looking for food, shelter, or both. Coexisting with wildlife is crucial for our ecosystem’s health, so let’s focus on humane removal methods. Brampton is home to a wide variety of wildlife, from common species like rabbits and squirrels to more elusive critters like coyotes and foxes. While urban areas might not seem like ideal habitats for animals, many species have adapted to living in busy cities. There are also several nocturnal animals that come out after dark, such as bats and raccoons. It’s important to protect these animals and their habitats, as they play a vital role in the local ecosystem. With a little bit of knowledge and appreciation, we can coexist with the animals that call Brampton home.


Ah, the infamous raccoon, known for its crafty nature and midnight bin raids. The raccoon, also known as the “masked bandit,” is a familiar sight in many parts of North America. While their presence is often primarily nocturnal, they can sometimes be spotted during the day as well. Raccoons are omnivorous and primarily eat a diet that includes insects, fruits, nuts, and small animals.

Raccoon Removal Brampton

Raccoon Removal Brampton

Habits and Identification

Raccoons are easy to spot with their distinctive black mask and ringed tail. They’re nocturnal and love to rummage through garbage. Despite their cute appearance, raccoons can become a wildlife problem when they cause structural damage to homes or cause a mess in yards and gardens. Additionally, raccoons can carry and transmit the rabies virus, making it important to take protective measures to prevent interaction. If faced with a raccoon problem, it’s essential to handle the situation humanely and responsibly, and best to seek professional help to rid them safely and humanely, rather than resorting to cruel or harmful methods to rid the area of these furry critters.

Safe Removal Techniques

Protecting your property from raccoons requires more than just securing your trash cans and sweeping up fallen bird seed. Regular visual inspection of your surroundings can help identify potential entry points and areas of damage that may attract these curious creatures. Installing motion activated lights or sprinklers may help keep them away. Although raccoons may climb trees to gain access to your roof, they can also climb the side of a brick wall.



If raccoons have gained access to your roof and get inside, it’s best to call a professional wildlife removal company to assist you. Wildlife Removal Brampton are tops in their field. If you’re faced with a wildlife intrusion in your home, it can be a daunting challenge to handle on your own. That’s why Wildlife Removal Brampton offers a professional and trained team of experts with years of experience. Our affordable prices and commitment to humane practices ensure that not only is your problem solved, but it’s done in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on our fast service, ensuring that your home is free of wildlife and safe as soon as possible. Call us to experience peace of mind knowing that your wildlife removal needs are in the hands of professionals. We will perform a full outside inspection, locating the entry point(s) and install one-way doors to ensure raccoons exit without returning. Prevention screening on other vulnerable areas will keep them from re-entering. Taking these steps can help you keep raccoons away from your home while ensuring they are treated with compassion, it’s important to always be humane when dealing with these animals as they are just looking for shelter.


Bushy tailed and mischievous, squirrels are a common sight in Southern Ontario. These animals are known for their quick movements and energetic behavior, often seen darting up trees or hopping across fences. These fluffy-tailed creatures might look cute, but they can be quite the nuisance.

Is It Animal Cruelty To Evict Raccoons Or Squirrels From Your Attic During The Winter Months

Is It Animal Cruelty To Evict Animals From Your Attic During The Winter?Squirrel Removal Brampton

Recognizing Squirrel Activity

Chewed wires or wood? Sounds of scurrying in the attic? Is your vegetation being chewed up or eaten? You’ve got squirrels. These animals have a natural instinct to create and build nests, often resulting in damage to roofing and electrical systems. If you’re grappling with a squirrel problem, it’s suggested to contact a professional company like Wildlife Removal Brampton for removal and prevention methods. Despite their potential as a nuisance, squirrels remain a beloved species in the animal kingdom and a favorite of nature enthusiasts alike.

Humane Removal Methods

Squirrels can be cute and entertaining to watch, but they can become pests when they invade homes. It’s important to note that humane removal methods should always be used when confronting these furry pests. It’s suggested that home and business owners hire a wildlife control company who can locate all the openings to their buildings and then work with that professional to determine the best removal methods. One way to do this is by sealing off entry points and creating one-way doors to allow squirrels to exit without being able to return. Being humane ensures that not only are the squirrels protected, but so are any other animals that may be lurking.

Emergency Wildlife Removal

Emergency Wildlife Removal in Brampton

Contact Wildlife Removal Brampton Services

Contact Wildlife Removal Brampton Services


Nobody wants that infamous skunk spray around their home.

How to Handle a Skunk Problem in Brampton, Safe and Effective Removal Strategies

How to Handle a Skunk Problem in Brampton: Safe and Effective Removal Strategies – Skunk Removal

Skunk Characteristics

Skunks are nocturnal animals known for their distinct black-and-white coloration and foul-smelling spray used for self-defense. Despite their reputation, skunks are beneficial to the environment as they eat a variety of insects and small rodents such as mice and rats. We suggest to keep a safe distance from skunks as their spray can cause temporary blindness and a pungent odor that can linger for days. Skunks are typically located near wooded areas and can often be found digging for grubs in lawns and gardens. If a skunk is present on your property, it is recommended to seek professional help for proper removal and control as their presence can pose a risk to both humans and pets. Regular inspection of your property can help identify areas where skunks may be hiding and prevent unwanted encounters.

Removal and Prevention

Living with unwanted skunks on your property can be a nuisance, especially if they decide to take up residence beneath your deck or shed. Fortunately, there are ways to remove and prevent these pesky creatures from returning. If you find yourself in this predicament, Wildlife Removal Brampton can help by screening down into the ground and installing a one way door to allow skunks to exit for food and water, but prevent them from getting back under. It’s important to take action because not only can skunks carry diseases like rabies, but they’re also infamous for their noxious spray, which can be unpleasant for both humans and dogs. By creating an environment that’s less hospitable for skunks to make their shelter, such as removing potential food sources and limiting hiding spaces, you can help keep them away. Remember, skunks are more active at night, so be sure to take caution when venturing outside after dark. To avoid skunk encounters, secure your garbage and remove food sources. If you need to physically remove a skunk, consider a humane trap and release it about one km from your home.

Wildlife Removal Brampton

Wildlife Removal Brampton logo

The Wild World of Brampton, Understanding Our Backyard Critters

The Wild World of Brampton: Understanding Our Backyard Critters


Bird Removal Brampton – Birds are fascinating creatures that create a beautiful and natural environment wherever they go. However, their love for nesting can sometimes become a health hazard when they start interfering with our homes. These little creatures can cause a lot of unwanted noise and blockages when they decide to make a home in our side vents or exhaust pipes. If left unchecked, their nesting materials such as leaves and twigs can cause a lot of problems in the long haul, leading to expensive repairs and maintenance. Birds can be charming, but not when they’re nesting in your vents.

Bird Removal Brampton

Bird Removal Brampton

Bird Identification

Common intruders include sparrows and pigeons. Look for nests in side vents, in gutters, or under eaves.

Bird Deterrence and Removal

As much as we love birds, we need to protect our homes and ourselves. One suggestion for keeping birds at bay is to trim trees or shrubs that are too close to your home. This can discourage birds from nesting in these areas and preventing them from becoming a long haul nuisance. To maintain a healthy living environment, it’s important to take proactive measures in protecting our homes from wildlife. Wildlife Removal Brampton can install bird spikes on your roofline or mesh netting over your bathroom or stove vent to prevent nesting. If birds are already settled, you might need a professional to remove the nest and secure the area.


These nocturnal creatures are often misunderstood but can be quite the intruders.

Opossum Traits

Opossums are solitary and nomadic. They’re known for playing dead when threatened, hence the term “playing possum”

Safe Opossum Removal

To remove opossums, keep your yard clean and free of food scraps. Secure your garbage bins and close off any shelter spaces like decks or sheds.

Conclusion Dealing with wildlife intruders in Brampton can be challenging, but with these tips, you can manage them safely and humanely. Remember, these animals are just trying to survive, so let’s be kind and considerate in our removal methods.

Wildlife Control Brampton Facts FAQ's

Wildlife Control Brampton Facts FAQ’s


  1. What should I do if a wild animal seems sick or injured? Contact local wildlife authorities or a wildlife rehabilitation center. Don’t try to handle the animal yourself.
  2. Can I use repellents to deter wildlife? Yes, there are various repellents available, but make sure they’re humane and non-toxic.
  3. How can I prevent wildlife from entering my home? Seal entry points, keep your yard tidy, and secure food sources like garbage bins and pet food.
  4. Is it legal to trap and relocate wildlife in Brampton? Laws vary, so check with local wildlife control authorities before taking any action.
  5. Can wildlife intruders pose health risks? Yes, some wildlife can carry diseases. It’s important to handle wildlife issues safely and preferably through professionals.
Wildlife Removal Brampton

Wildlife Removal Brampton

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