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Don’t let those pesky animals continue to wreak havoc in your home. Take control of your property today with Wildlife Control Services in Brampton. -- Our humane Brampton wildlife removal service is a great at way to humanely evict unwanted critters from a warm attic before they cause further damage.

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Emergency Wildlife Removal

Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Wildlife Removal: Safeguarding Your Home and Environment -- Our wildlife removal company has a quick response time for emergency raccoon issues on residential and commercial properties. We specialize in humane raccoon removal services like hands-on extraction of baby raccoons and can also assist in cleaning up raccoon droppings.

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Wild Animal Control in Brampton -- Our wildlife removal methods and tailored plan for prevention are crucial for Brampton homes and businesses as they address local animal issues. This long term solution is the best approach to protect vulnerable areas and stop raccoons and squirrels from re-entering.

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Emergency Wildlife Removal in Brampton


Wildlife Removal Brampton

Hello there, we’re a local wildlife control service that residential and commercial customers can count on for help with all their animal control needs; from nuisance animal removal cases on their property, to more urgent wildlife conflicts inside their attic space.

Our wildlife control technicians come equipped with various wildlife products to aid in their animal removal process which can involve hands-on raccoon and squirrel removal services. Most importantly our experienced wildlife professionals know how to navigate the baby season to remedy any wildlife problem humanely.

Give our Brampton wildlife removal services a try today and receive the best removal and exclusion methods available to prevent further wildlife damage. We provide wildlife control solutions in Brampton, Richmond Hill, North York, Stony Creek and more areas across the Greater Toronto Area.

We’re a Professional Full Service Wildlife Control Company in the Peel Region

✔️ Compliance with Ontario’s wildlife regulations 

✔️ Proven methods for stubborn wildlife problems

✔️ Pest Control Service – Best pest control company exclusion techniques for rat infestations and mice removal.

✔️ Ethical, humane wildlife removal techniques: We’re familiar with wildlife habits and breeding cycles.

✔️ Use of high-quality animal-proofing materials: Keep local.

✔️ Long-lasting wildlife prevention services: Best animal exclusion techniques for home and business owners.

✔️ Expertise in identifying and sealing entry points: Our thorough inspection covers all roof points.

✔️ Effective Eviction: A one-way door installed at the main point of entry is our preferred removal method.

✔️ Professional wildlife removal services: The wildlife trade requires hands-on removal experience, which we possess.

✔️ Humane Pest Control Services: Remove health risks associated with having rodents nearby.

✔️ Animal Safety: For by law enforcement, sick and injured animals, call the city of Brampton at # 3-1-1

✔️ Removal of the health hazard in your attic: Raccoon feces removal and sanitation.

✔️ Effective Solutions: Get a personalized plan for deterring animals from our experienced team.

✔️ Accurate animal species identification: For when you’re not sure what pest you have in the attic.

✔️ Reduce Wildlife Intrusions: Pre-made barricades for when animals come back to attempt to regain entry.

How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost in Brampton, ON?

Most wildlife removal companies have different pricing during the baby season due to the added work involved in safely extracting all of the baby animals.

Are you dealing with a raccoon invasion in your home? Are these furry creatures causing a ruckus and damage to your property? If so, then you’re not alone. Raccoons are becoming an increasing issue for homeowners in Brampton, Ontario due to human encroachment on natural nesting areas.

As cute as raccoons may appear, these nuisance animals can pose severe threats to human health and property damage if left unchecked. So the question arises – how much does raccoon removal Brampton cost?

Knowing the cost of professional raccoon removal before the wildlife control company goes to your property is essential.

If you’re a property owner looking to protect their home from nuisance animals but are worried about paying for unnecessary work and don’t want to be put on the spot to make the big decision to do the extra suggested prevention, we can give you options.

Call our local Wildlife Control Brampton phone number: (647) 490-5317 Our raccoon removal experts can explain more about our Brampton animal control services, including raccoon removal, squirrel removal and more.


Average Raccoon Removal Cost in Brampton

  • Base Charge: Raccoon one-way door install – $300
  • Repair of entry hole once animals vacated – $100
  • Repair of each additional raccoon entry hole – $75
  • Roof vent raccoon protection – $50
  • Soffit Protection (Roof/Soffit intersection) – $50
  • Colour matched materials on request – $0
  • Feces clean up and Removal (minimum) – $50
  • Attic Inspection – $150
  • Baby raccoon removal – $50
  • 2 Year Guarantee on prevention material – $0

Top 3 Things That Affect The Price Of Raccoon Removal in Brampton

The raccoon removal process and cost can vary with different animal control companies depending on several factors:

1. Service Type: The type of service required affects the price. Basic raccoon removal services include installing one-way doors or traps, while more comprehensive services might involve baby raccoon and nest removal, extensive property prevention measures, or even repairing existing damage caused by raccoons. Specialized services like deck protection and roofline exclusion with time-consuming installations can significantly increase the cost.

2. Location and Accessibility: The location of the raccoon, such as whether it’s in an attic, chimney, or under a deck, impacts the cost. Difficult-to-access areas may require special equipment or more labor, increasing the price. Additionally, prices may vary by geographical location due to differences in living costs, demand, and availability of wildlife removal services.

3. Raccoon Behaviour During the Baby Season: The number of raccoons and the extent of the infestation can also affect the cost. Removing a single male raccoon will cost less than dealing with raccoon babies and their mothers, which sometimes requires cutting holes for access to the nesting area. Also, recurring entries due to a lack of prevention measures can cost more than necessary to get rid of raccoons, so consider the prevention screening offered by your service provider the first time to avoid further pest problems.

Raccoon Removal Cost Brampton
Raccoon Removal Cost for Roofline Protection in Brampton
Raccoon Removal Cost Brampton
Raccoon Removal Cost For Vent Protection in Brampton

Brampton Squirrel Removal Cost In 2024

Dealing with a squirrel invasion in your home? If squirrels have decided to take up residence in your attic, chimney, or around the roof edges, you’re facing a common urban wildlife conflict in Brampton, Ontario. These agile creatures, especially grey squirrels, are not just a nuisance but can also pose significant risks to property and safety due to their habit of chewing on electrical wiring and creating entry holes that can lead to further wildlife invasions.

Understanding the cost of professional squirrel removal is essential for homeowners looking to protect their property from these determined invaders.

Call our local city of Brampton wildlife phone number: (647) 490-5317 Our squirrel removal experts can explain more about our Brampton animal control services.

Squirrel Removal Cost In Brampton

Our squirrel removal company has competitive rates for squirrles and other unwanted animals so call us before they cause serious damage.

Squirrel Removal Brampton, Wildlife Removal Brampton
Squirrel Removal Cost Brampton
  • Base Cost of Squirrel Removal: Squirrel one-way door install – $300
  • Repair of entry hole once animals vacated – $100
  • Repair of each additional animal entry hole – $50
  • Roof vent squirrel protection – $50
  • Soffit Protection (Roof/Soffit intersection) – $50
  • Colour matched materials on request – $0
  • Attic Inspection with – $150
  • Baby squirrel removal – $50
  • 5 Year Guarantee on prevention material – $0

4 Factors Influencing the Cost of Squirrel Removal in Brampton

The cost of hiring a professional wildlife control service for the removal of squirrels from your property can vary based on several key factors:

1. Type of Wildlife Control Solutions: The approach taken to remove or prevent squirrels can significantly affect the price. Simple methods like installing one-way doors to allow squirrels to leave but not re-enter are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. More comprehensive solutions, including sealing entry holes, implementing chimney caps, fan vents, and roof vent protections, and making necessary roofing repairs to prevent future access, can increase the cost due to the materials and labor involved.

2. Location and Difficulty of Access: Squirrels can gain access to your home through various points, such as gable vents, dryer vents, or even small openings around the roof edges. The location of these access points and the difficulty in reaching them can impact the overall cost of removal. High or hard-to-reach areas might require special equipment, longer ladders for 3 story homes, hydro wire coverings or additional labor.

3. Extent of the Squirrel Presence: The number of squirrels, whether you’re dealing with a solitary intruder or a family or nuisance squirrels, including baby squirrels, affects the removal strategy and cost. Removing a single squirrel may be straightforward, but dealing with multiple squirrels, especially if they’ve established a nest inside the attic or other parts of the house, can be more complex and costly.

4. Prevention and Long-Term Wildlife Removal Solutions: Investing in prevention measures, such as securing potential entry points, installing squirrel-proof bird feeders to eliminate food sources, and using humane wildlife control methods, can be more cost-effective in the long run. Many wildlife removal experts in Brampton offer packages that include both removal and prevention strategies to ensure your home remains squirrel-free.

Squirrel Nest in Brampton Attic
Squirrel Nest in Brampton Attic
Squirrels Chew Electrical Wiring, Squirrel Damage Inside Attic Space.
Squirrels Chew Electrical Wiring—Squirrel Damage Inside Attic Space can add to the cost of squirrel control.

Don’t let squirrels turn your home into their playground. By understanding the factors that affect the cost of squirrel removal and investing in prevention, you can safeguard your property and avoid the risks associated with these wildlife pests. Hire our animal control technicians today to and take the right steps towards a squirrel-free home.

Get an Onsite Consultation With Our Affordable Wildlife Removal Experts

For accurate pricing and effective solutions, it’s best to speak with our wildlife consultant when they are at your home, they have years of experience dealing with urban wildlife and can offer the best way to address your specific squirrel issue. These solutions including humane removal methods and comprehensive prevention techniques to protect your home from future invasions. We offer a 5-year warranty on our work, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

BRAMPTON Animal Control Services
BRAMPTON Animal Control Services

Our Wildlife Removal Services in Brampton Can Help

Are you constantly dealing with nuisance wildlife problems in your attic space via roof vents? If so, it may be time for you to consider contacting a wildlife control service for prevention measures.

Our wildlife professionals have the expertise to remove unwanted critters from your property safely and offer top-notch customer service to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Whether dealing with pesky raccoons or squirrels, a wildlife removal service can provide custom solutions tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to unwanted guests in your home and hello to peace of mind with reliable and effective wildlife removal solutions.

Bat Control – Emergency Bat Removal

Bat flying in the house emergency service. Serious health concerns are associated with bats so fast removal is recommended.

Bat Removal Brampton, Emergency Bat Control Service
Bat Removal Brampton, Emergency Bat Control Service

Bird Removal Brampton
Bird Removal Brampton

Bird Removal – Emergency Bird In The House Removal

A rouge bird flying around inside your home can be frightening to some people. Call us for inside removal and bird nest removal form exterior wall vents.

Hire Our Animal Removal Experts Today

✔️ Protect pets from raccoon distemper

✔️ Guaranteed wild animal removal services

✔️ Experienced wildlife removal technicians

✔️ Raccoon removal services in Southern Ontario

✔️ Eliminate animal issues at your home or business: Trained wildlife technicians for hassle free service.

✔️ Best wildlife removal industry practices: Safety first at residential and commercial properties.

✔️ Humane Skunk Removal In The City Of Brampton

✔️ Humane Brampton Animal Services

✔️ Emergency Wildlife Service: Hands-on bat removal from the living space of your home.

✔️ Exclusion Pest Control Process: A repeat pest problem year after year can be stopped with exclusion.

✔️ Minimize or eliminate roof and property damage: Keep local wildlife populations at bay and out of your attic’s

✔️ Proven To Work Wildlife Solutions: Our process works for raccoons squirrels skunks birds and more.

✔️ Protect air vents from raccoons and squirrels: Wildlife exclusion measures the work.

✔️ Bat and Raccoon Emergency Services: For when pests are loose inside the living space of a home:

✔️ Specializing in Removing Red Squirrels: Guaranteed humane squirrel removal service.

✔️ 100% Humane Removal Services

✔️ Attic Restoration Services:

Wasp Removal – Emergency Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps can be a health hazard to people so prompt removal of a wasp nest in close proximity to your home is essential.


Solutions For All Your Pest Animal Problems

Don’t let nuisance animal problems continue to wreak havoc in your Brampton home. Take control of your living space and well-being today with our effective Wildlife Removal Services in Brampton; you’ll love our highly recommended wildlife removal and prevention system. 

We will get rid of your wildlife issues in no time if you contact us now. Simply schedule a consultation with our expert wildlife control technicians and kiss those pest headaches goodbye.

Wildlife in Brampton We Remove

Committed To Keeping Your Home Safe From Wildlife Animals

Contact Us In The City Of Brampton For Humane Wildlife Removal Services

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